Ergon Inc was founded in April of 1985 under the name Vocational Alternatives Vocationnelles Inc (VAVI). VAVI was founded as part of Alternative Residences Alternatives Inc. The primary purpose of VAVI was to provide a rehabilitation environment for adults living with a mental health diagnosis. The program was designed to integrate rehabilitation with vocational placement.

In 1992 Vocational Alternatives Vocationnelles Inc separated from ARA Inc and was incorporated as Ergon and became licensed through the Department of Family and Community Services to provide a supported employment program. In the same year Ergon Inc opened its thrift store, which has been used as the conduit to provide the employment training program. During the same year Ergon Inc was successful in expanding its vocational program by being awarded a government contract for mail and photo copy services. Ergon Inc has held that contract for the last 27 years. This contract employs 1 support work trainer and facilitates employment training for 10 trainees.

In 2014 the Executive Director along with the Board of Directors decided to purchase the facility on 145 Traynor St and turn it into a joint retail and programming space.

Ergon Inc was awarded a contract through the Mental Health and Addiction Services division of the Department of Health. This contract was for the provision of life skills and therapeutic activity services to clientele being referred by the Community Mental Health Clinic. This contract was the basis for the development of the Ergon Inc Life Centre. The aim of the Life Centre is to provide our clients with our M.I.N.D ( Moving In New Directions) program, individual support programming and Ergon Works utilizing the E.S.S.P (Employment & Support Services Programming), which aims to provide clientele with skills needed for community based employment.

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