Emergency Services

Canadian Mental Health Association

For community mental health contact information click HERE.

Mental Health Clinic


For Horizon Mental Health contact information click HERE.

CHIMO Help Line

If you are in a bad situation or need to speak with someone you can call 1-800-667-5005 for assistance or click HERE for more resources.

The Helping Tree

For a list of resources on where to start in your area. Click HERE for the map of New Brunswick.

Mental Health Centre


For Vitalite Mental Health contact information click HERE.

The Lifeline

For Lifeline Canada click HERE.

Other Community Organizations - Support Services

Provincial Office: 506-455-5231

Mental Health Clinic: 506-856-2444

Vitalite Health Clinic: 506-862-4144

Mobile Crisis: 1-866-771-7760

Albert County Health and Wellness Centre: 506-455-5231

Port Elgin and Region Health Centre: 506-538-2140

Petitcodiac Health Centre: 506-455-5231

Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre: 506-533-9100

Open Sky Cooperative: 506-536-4565

Gamblers Anonymous: 506-387-4067

Alternative Residences Alternative: 506-854-7229

John Howard Society: 506-854-3499

PEDVAC: 506-538-7638

Atlantic Wellness Community Centre: 506-382-0298

Portage Atlantic: 506-839-1200

Our Place/Chez Nous Activity Centre: 506-859-6975

Tantramar Peer Support Centre(Daybreak): 506-536-7475

Caledonia Activity Centre: 506-882-2604

Alcoholics Anonymous: 506-387-5087

Salvus Clinic: 506-384-7283

Youth Quest: 506-869-6355

Sexual Assault Centre: 506-857-8028 OR


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