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Executive Director 

Cory graduated from Crandall University in the spring of 2007 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and in the spring of 2022 with a Diploma in Human Resources Management from the University of New Brunswick . He has superlatively worked as a mental health practitioner for almost two decades.

Cory has always had a passion for mental health advocacy which has taken him in many different directions in his career, finally leading him into his current position as Executive Director of Ergon Inc and the Ergon Life Centre.

Since 2004, Cory has been a Naval Reserve Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces.Even with his love for  all things nautical he always maintained his passion for his main profession in mental health.

Aside from being the ED of Ergon Inc, Cory is also the Chairperson for the Horizon Health Community Advisory Committee on Mental Health and sits on the Board of Directors for the New Brunswick Association for Supported Services and Employment (NBASSE) and the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE).

When he isn't being all professional in the mental health field or sailing the high seas, he likes to spend quality family time with his wife and 4 children.

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Director of Operations

Cecilia is our Director of Operations here at Ergon and a proud registered Human Services Counsellor, bringing over a decade of expertise to her role. As a certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, she is deeply committed to promoting mental well-being in the workplace.

In 2023, Cecilia achieved a significant professional milestone by presenting her personal journey through professional burnout titled "No! is a perfectly acceptable answer" at the NBCDA Conference, a moment in her career for which she will forever be grateful.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Cecilia is a passionate advocate for those with learning disabilities and strives to destigmatize Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through education and awareness. She proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the New Brunswick Association for Supported Services and Employment (NBASSE), advocating for individuals with disabilities.

Beyond the 9-5, Cecilia finds solace and expression as an artist, from pencil sketches to digital creations. During summer weekends, you can often find her traveling around Atlantic Canada, cheering on her favorite Stock Car Racers. 


Program Manager

Sarah holds the role of Program Manager, here at Ergon. She has been a Mental Health Counsellor for well over a decade. Before joining the Ergon team, she spent 10 years at the Crisis Intervention Center as a Counsellor. Sarah is very passionate about her work in mental health and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


Outside of Ergon, Sarah is raising her four children. She enjoys light gaming and arts/crafts. Summer is by far Sarah’s favourite season. When she’s not at the beach with her amazing children, she’s out camping, enjoying campfires, BBQ’s with the family or out chasing waterfalls. Sarah also has an adorable cat named Ozzy.


Workplace Connections Manager

Carly is our Workplace Connections Manager at Ergon Inc. Graduating from Eastern College in Child and Youth Care Worker with Addictions support, she has been supporting individuals for nearly 10 years. She previously worked at Ergon in the MIND program and is thrilled to be back.


Outside of work, Carly enjoys quality time with her wife and their lovable dog, Sandy. She's passionate about crafts, especially crocheting, and embarks on exciting driving adventures with her wife, including a recent journey from Alberta to New Brunswick. 


WORKS Coordinator

Melissa graduated from the Early Childhood Education, Educational Assistant program at Oulton College in 2018. She has a passion for working within the mental health field and being able to make a difference.She discovered her passion for the mental health field during my practicum where she worked as an Educational Assistant within the school district. After graduating, she took a break to raise her family and could not be more happier to begin this new journey.

Outside of work Melissa enjoys spending time with her 2 children and cat Callie, who keep her very busy. When she is not spending time with family, she can be found outside walking or just relaxing on the patio and of course playing with her children. She also enjoys crocheting, reading books and movies as part of her self-care.

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M.I.N.D Coordinator 

Meet Craig, our newest team member in 2023, with extensive experience in mental health and addiction counseling. Craig's boundless heart is dedicated to caring for and understanding every individual he encounters, offering not just counseling but also genuine friendship on your path to healing.

In his personal life, Craig shares his world with soulmate Tanya and their cherished blended family. They enjoy outdoor adventures, from hunting and fishing to leisurely walks in parks, on beaches, and along trails.

Craig's annual travel escapades reflect his passion for creating lasting memories and appreciating life's beauty. With Craig, you have a caring and supportive ally who is committed to your well-being. Welcome to our family!

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Support Coordinator

Trina, is our Support Program Coordinator she brings over 25 years of invaluable healthcare experience to the Ergon team. A graduate of Oulton College's HSC program, she has consistently showcased her commitment to helping people throughout her career.

With a deep-rooted love for helping others, Trina always finds joy in family moments, sharing her life with her amazing wife of 20 years, two daughters, and four cherished granddaughters. Family is at the core of her happiness, and she feels fortunate to create meaningful memories with them.

Beyond her professional role, Trina embraces the beauty of the East Coast during summers, enjoying camping adventures and weekend trips. Music is a significant part of her self-care routine, as she passionately sings and plays the guitar at various venues across the Maritimes.


Human Services Counsellor - Support Program

Tony is a graduate from the Human Services Counsellor program at Oulton College. He has great passion for working in the mental health field, his caring and energetic personality is a driving force behind his ability to engage and connect with our members.


Tony later joined the Ergon team after his placement for college was finished and was hired in late 2020. Tony loves facilitating and creating activities for our members and enjoys teaching and connecting through modules and discussions.


When Tony is not supporting members of Ergon, he is often hanging out with his friends on Playstation or creating designs on Photoshop. He is currently trying to start his own clothing business which he hopes to promote at Ergon Thrift. Tony also streams on twitch as a hobby or his “2nd Job” as he calls it.


Human Services Counsellor - Support Program

Jessica, joined Ergon in 2023 as a Human Services Counsellor, within our Support Program. Graduating from Eastern College in Child and Youth Care Worker with Addictions support, Jessica brings a unique blend of experiences such as personal care aide in senior home care and in group homes around Moncton.


Her passion for helping others reach their full potential shines through, and with nearly 4 years of experience, she's always eager to learn so she can continue to build for talent within this field. 

In her leisure time, Jessica thrives in the great outdoors, often you exploring with her partner and daughter. Whether it's hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling, swimming, or simply enjoying quality family time on walks and adventurous outings, Jessica embraces life's adventures and constantly seeks opportunities to learn and grow.

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Human Services Counsellor - Support Program

Myriam is our newest Human Service Counselor for the Support Program, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for helping others to the Ergon team.


A 2020 graduate of Oulton College, Myriam's journey began in interior design before she found her calling in the mental health field. With a heart for supporting others, she spent three impactful years as a behavior interventionist, building her skills and deepening her commitment to supporting those in need.


Originally from Gatineau, Quebec, Myriam made the move to New Brunswick eight years ago and has fallen in love with the province ever since. Beyond her professional role, Myriam is a bilingual force, expressing her creativity through cooking, art, writing, and reading. Outdoor adventures are her thing, and she finds solace in the beauty of nature.


Myriam's passion for mental health advocacy aligns seamlessly with the mission of Ergon. When she's not busy making a difference in the lives of others, you might catch her whipping up a culinary masterpiece or embarking on another outdoor escapade.



Connor is our latest member to the Ergon team, joining in Winter 2024. Recently graduating from Oulton College as a Human Services Counsellor. His ability to interact and connect with our members is fueled by his open and creative attitude, his passion for the mental health field was discovered while working as an Educational Assistant in the school system during his practicum.

Connor is the first to proudly proclaim himself as a nerd. Passionate about all things related to gaming, technology, and geek culture, he wears his nerd badge with pride, showcasing his love for comics, sci-fi, and fantasy. Whether battling virtual foes or constructing intricate LEGO masterpieces, Connor embraces his inner nerdiness with enthusiasm and joy. When he is not supporting members of Ergon, he is often at home with his fluffy three cats, hanging out with his friends, and creating a life filled with nerdy pursuits.


Human Services Counsellor - Support Program

Angie is originally from the picturesque landscapes of Honduras, she embarked on a journey to Canada as an international student in the Social Service Community Worker program at New Brunswick Community College approximately two years ago, graduating in the summer of 2023. With a cheerful personality and a natural ability to connect with others, Angie finds genuine joy in her work.

Social service is deeply ingrained in Angie's family history, spanning across generations. Having witnessed firsthand the significance of providing support in mental health matters, community activities, and food distribution efforts during her upbringing, Angie has also served as an English-to-Spanish translator in medical brigades.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Angie's heart belongs to her family. She cherishes spending time with her husband, friends, and actively volunteering in her local church community. Cooking serves as her passion, and experimenting with new flavors and cultural cuisines becomes her way of expressing love. Angie also holds a deep appreciation for music, movies, beaches, and the warmth of the sun. For her, life is about finding joy in the little things, and she endeavors to spread that positivity wherever she goes.


Thrift Store Clerk

John is our newest staff member of the Ergon team, he completed his training through our Ergon WORKS program, training hard to be successfully employed within the community. John enjoys working within the field of customer services and sales, he's especially fond of the customers that he meets and works with daily at Ergon Thrift. 

When John first started within the employment program, he was hesitant about learning the cash, however because of John's determination for personal growth he mastered the cash, went on to be a Shift Supervisor within the WORKS program, and became a staff member of the Ergon Team! 


When John is not being a rockstar as our Thrift Store Clerk, he can be found reading, gaming, walking, or listening to the mellow sounds of his favorite play list.


And..... of course, we couldn't talk about John without mentioning his first true love..

...Tim Horton's coffee.  

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